Castle Green Hotel

set back in its own grounds, a gorgeous setting for a superb wedding.

I met these guys a couple of weeks before they got married and they told me all their wedding plans. I love hearing about each couples unique ideas and personal touches. As we were chatting we got talking about football. Coincidentally, we discovered we are all Utd fans. Smiles were all round when they explained they had a big screen set up so everyone could watch Utd in the FA Cup final. What a great atmosphere it created!

No one sneaking away to watch the match so there was a happy bride and groom...until Utd got beat that is!!

Naomi wore a stunning dress from Bridal Collection in Lancaster and her makeup was done by the awesome artist Louise Redding. Her hair was styled by Lauren Kirk Henry, a talented stylist from Ulverston.

The flowers were created by FlowersArrangement in Kendal and looked amazing.

Here is their story.......................

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